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DORAKEN is the only one RPG app that earns you cash.[1] Casual yet well structured RPG instantly earn you cash!![2] Register to various offers, get premium gifts!![3] 10+ years long-running experience with 1+ million users!![4] Play together with online multiplayers, community space and networking functionalities are available!!
The long-running experience with safe redeem records, implemented a casual yet well structured adventure story with mystery solving, fortune telling, quiz, and so forth.
[Prologue]To defeat the Dark Dragon “DORAKEN” and collect “Countless Treasures”, your magnificent adventure begins...
[Mystery Solving]Visit a village, a bar, a sea port, find a clue and solve mysteries!
[Adventure]Venture forth into dungeons and battle fields, defeat monsters, gain experience points, find treasure boxes, and collect items!
[Grow Ups]Level up by gaining more experience points, try different classes, grow up together with monsters you captured, and daily water plant flowers.
[Cash Reward]Register to offers, get apps, battle with monsters, duel with online players, invite friends, get various ranks, and so on!
[Redemption]Redeem cash 1 JPY for 10 points of in-game currency. Just play this game, you get your allowance!!
[Special Offers]Win “Special Prizes” through continuously planned events in the game.
[Player versus Player PvP]Equip weapons, utilize items, defeat other players, and earn the points.
[Building Army]Build up your army with your friends, together defeat boss monsters, share and solve the mysteries, enjoy the army community with social networking functionalities.
[Leaderboards]Get a rank in leaderboards, get the points and special items!
[Classes]Available base classes are Warrior, Wizard, Fighter, and Jester.Later, you can class-change to a higher class such as Magic Warrior, Sage, and so on!
[Over 500 Monsters]Complete Monster Book by defeating encountered monsters or by fusing captured monsters!